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We are very proud to share with you some of our many accomplishments. Please click on the icons below to view the many awards and ratings our wines have received.





Most importantly, we value what our customers have to say about our wines!

"Big fan of the Chardonnay!" ~Kareena B.

"My sister and I just did a wine tasting/comparison with the Jeff Gordon 2008 Joie de Vivre and the Groth Vineyards and Winery 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. Groth is our favorite winery and one of the premium wineries in the Napa Valley. We determined that the JG wine is as good as the Groth." ~Carol

"This is the best wine you can get. My last bottle is even autographed......That one will never be drank." ~Phyllis R.

"My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a steak dinner cooked at home (my husband has perfected filet mignon) with a bottle of Jeff Gordon 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. Wanted you to know that we enjoyed it immensely. It was very good. We bought 3 bottles of wine for a special Christmas gift and we were not disappointed at all." ~L.B.

"Had the opportunity to taste the Pinot over New Years with friends and fellow fans, enjoyed the wine with scallops and scampi, nice combination!! Didn't realize how rare the wines were and nowhere close to buy them locally, hope to join the club very soon!" ~Kevin H.

"Your cabernet is delicious! I enjoy it with a nice steak dinner and relaxing music...the perfect treat!" ~Janice D.

"I am more than happy to pay a little more than I normally would for your wine as it is exceptional. Happy to have it available to order online...very convenient. I am looking forward to joining your wine club too." ~Chris L.

"My first bottle of Jeff Gordon wine (Chardonnay) was purchased as a gift for my son, who is a HUGE fan of #24. I was expecting a so-so wine, that it was simply a souvenir. I was very pleasantly surprised. The Chardonnay was one of the best I'd ever had. Since then, we have purchased several bottles from Buffalo Shipping Post and now directly from you. Thanks, and look forward to purchasing many more!" ~Mike C.

"I served the 2006 Chardonnay with dinner tonight and WOW! It resembles liquid gold in a glass. The bouquet is subtle but teasingly sweet and leaves one with a surprising bite and a delightful buzz. The flavor is exceptional and second to none I have ever tasted. It was certainly worth the wait for your license to ship to Virginia to clear. But since it is a Jeff Gordon product I expected nothing less than perfection and that is exactly what I got. I have already sent the link to your site to all of those in my address book who I am sure will become future customers. Thank you for a superb wine." ~Dolores A.

"My absolute favorite Pinot Noir is Jeff Gordon's. It has amazing fruit flavor and a nice finish. I can't wait to try the new Ella Sofia vintage!" ~Jacob W.

"I have loved Jeff Gordon Collection wines since the very first bottle I tasted. Simply delightful, great quality." ~ Kim J.

"I have only bought the Ella Sofia Chardonnay. It was wonderful and I would buy it again. I am eager to try some other wines." ~Jennifer L.

"We love our Jeff Gordon wines. Have emptied the Rose' bottle and loved the light, cool and refreshing taste especially during our hot summer." ~Robin F.